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What are ringtones?

A ringtone is the sound made by phone when it rings. However, these days the particular term is mentioned to the customised sounds ringing on mobile phones. In telecommunication jargon, wireless phones, cellular phones also called mobile phone in European and other English speaking places, it denotes a mobile communication system that applies a mix of radio wave transmission and common telephone switching to enable telephone communication to and from mobile users within a specified area.

The facility was provided so that people would be able to determine when their phone was ringing when in the company of other mobile phone owners.

Ring tones have proved a popular method of personalising phones — People like the idea of customising their phones with their favourite music, also new generation phones include features to allow users to create their own tones. Many people enjoy personalisation of phones, but some find certain ringtones annoying in public and in certain public situations.

Mobile manners has led to the creation of vibration of mobile phones alert as oppose to ringtones. A mobile vibrator is a mechanical device designed to generate vibrations instead of ringtone. They are mostly used for noisy environments, such places where ring tone noise would be disturbing or for the hearing impaired.

Now lets get into some basic technical properties of mobile phone ringtone

A mobile phone ringtone is a MIDI (musical Instrument Digital Interface) file that is played by a mobile phone. It can be:


Monophonic means a music and/or a recording with only one channel. These days, these kind of tones are played by large number of cellular phones. The tunes are very simple because the phone can only deliver one sound (beep) at a time. The tune of the ringtone is made up of a series of sequential beeps at different frequencies.


Polyphonic As oppose to the single mode this one have multiple phonetic values in the mobile, consisting of several tone series.

A phone rings when a ring signal is sent to it. For regular telephones the ring signal is 90 volt and 20 hertz AC wave generated from the switch the telephone is connected to. For mobile phones the ring signal is a specific radio frequency signal.

16 separate sounds can be produced by the phones that carries polyphonic ringtones. This makes for music that is rich in texture and the tunes seem more like the music you know. With further advances in the pipelines, ringtones will soon sound like CD quality music.

Also, this is not necessary that a polyphonic ringtone sounds like a stereotype music at all, it can be any kind of sound, including voices.

So, you have decided you want that new that chart buster ringtone on your handset.

First, check your phone. Not all the wireless phone companies today have the ability to play ringtones. Nokias have ringtones for several years. Newer phones from companies such as Motorola, Samsung, Siemens, Sony-Ericsson, LG, Sanyo, Panasonic have ringtone capabilities. You also could already have a few ringtones pre-loaded in the phone. You need to see your owner's manual on how to find and select your cellphone's ringtone. If you are prepared to find something new, you will have to download some ringtones, The most convincing way of receiving ringtones into your cellular phone is over the wireless system, but it is also possible through data cable.

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Top 20 Polyphonic tones
Mobile phone games:

The aim of game is to move your paddle to deflect a ball towards different shapes made up of coloured bricks. You must hit each brick to clear the level but be cautious as certain bricks increase the speed of the Mobiball.

Top 20 Polyphonic Ringtones
Play Ringtone - Patience
Smack That
Play Ringtone - Smack That
Boogie 2nite
Play Ringtone - Boogie 2nite
Truly Madly Deeply
Play Ringtone - Truly Madly Deeply
Chasing Cars
Play Ringtone - Chasing Cars
All Good Things Come To An End
Play Ringtone - All Good Things Come To An End
Play Ringtone - America
Tell Me
Play Ringtone - Tell Me
Play Ringtone - Irreplaceable
Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
Play Ringtone - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
My Love
Play Ringtone - My Love
I Dont Feel Like Dancin
Play Ringtone - I Dont Feel Like Dancin
Wind It Up
Play Ringtone - Wind It Up
Play Ringtone - Rehab
Yeah Yeah
Play Ringtone - Yeah Yeah
Too Little Too Late
Play Ringtone - Too Little Too Late
Love It When You Call
Play Ringtone - Love It When You Call
Sorry's Not Good Enough
Play Ringtone - Sorry's Not Good Enough
Something Kinda Oooh
Play Ringtone - Something Kinda Oooh
Welcome To The Black Parade
Play Ringtone - Welcome To The Black Parade

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